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Milwaukee Residents Favor School Choice Expansion

By School Choice Wisconsin

Last Updated: March 21, 2011

Milwaukee residents favor the city’s school choice program and support Governor Scott Walker’s proposal to expand it, according to a survey conducted earlier this month after the release of Walker’s plan.

“Milwaukee residents, with or without children, like school choice. They want more of it,” said Susan Mitchell, president of School Choice Wisconsin.

OnMessage, Inc., a national firm with extensive polling experience, surveyed 600 Milwaukee adults on March 6 and 7. Of those, 542 were likely voters. See attached description of survey methodology.

The Current Program

• A significant majority (59%) favors the MPCP while just 29% oppose it.
• Support climbs to 71% among those with school age children. 
• A majority of Milwaukee residents without school age children also favor the program (55% favor / 33% oppose). 
• Asked if the program has been successful, 60% say it has and only 28% believe it has not.

Governor Walker’s proposal

A majority of Milwaukee residents (53%-36%) support expanding the program by removing family income restrictions. Families with school children support expansion by a 64%-32% margin, almost two-to-one.

The poll found almost no difference in opinion between white and African American respondents. Both groups favor the choice program, view it as successful, and support expansion.

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