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Cost & Fiscal Effect

The per-pupil cost of independent charters and the parental choice programs is substantially less than that of the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS).

 In 2013-14, MPS per pupil revenue was $14,147, which is made up of state, local, and federal aid.  The state’s average per pupil revenue was $12,705. The 2014-15 data are not yet available.

All the parental choice programs in Wisconsin have the same voucher amount, which was $6,442 in 2013-14. In 2014-15 a bifurcated funding system was adopted to create different voucher amounts for grades K-8 and 9-12. The voucher for grades K-8 was $7,210 and for grades 9-12 was $7,856.

For this upcoming 2015-16 school year, the voucher will be $7,214 for grades K-8 and $7,860 for grades 9-12.

The cost of an MPS education is almost double the cost of an MPCP voucher.

The cost of the RPCP and WPCP vouchers are about $5,000 less than the average state education cost.

2R vouchers are worth a little more than half the MPS per pupil revenue amount.

Simple math shows the cost-saving benefits of school choice in Wisconsin. 




If Choice Ends

LFB analysis shows that ending or curtailing the MPCP would cut school aid to 323 school districts outside Milwaukee. In 2009-2010 those districts received $74 million in state aid as a consequence of the MPCP. Click here for a district-by-district breakdown of the consequences of ending the MPCP.

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