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Demand for School Choice Program Grows Again

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Contact: Jim Bender 


Data released today from the Department of Public Instruction shows that the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) has inceased demand going into the third year of the program.  Once again, the number of applications for both students and schools exceeded the current law caps.  Discussions continue to the next biennial budget, where an expansion of the WPCP is being considered.

"Demand continues to grow for the program," Jim Bender, President of School Choice Wisconsin said.  "This year shows that there are more applicants and schools wanting to participate than last year.  Clearly, parents desire access to the program."

WPCP                     2013-14         2014-15          2015-16
Schools Applied           48                68                  90
Applicants                  2,416            3,407              3,540

The proposed state budget would largeyl limit the eligibility of the WPCP to applicants from public schools transferring to a private school except at certain entry points: grades K4, K5, 1 and 9.  However, the proposed budget eliminates the cap on the number of schools and students that can participate.  School Choice Wisconsin is still analyzing the data to see how the proposed state budget would impact the enrollment numbers over current law.

"With continued strong demand from parents in public school, home school, private school and those just entering school, the statewide school choice program shows popularity from a wide variety of sectors," Bender said.  "The more parents learn about the school choice program, the more they like it."


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