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2001-02 Legislative Session

The 2001 Wisconsin Legislature considered several proposals involving the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP). These measures are briefly described below and analyzed further in ISSUES.


In the 2001-03 biennial budget, the Legislature provided that the state would pay 55% of the cost of the MPCP and that the remaining 45% would be paid from school aid that otherwise would go to the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS). The Legislature also provided that no district outside Milwaukee either gain or lose school aid due to the MPCP. These measures corrected the financing formula, which previously resulted in an overall $5.8 million windfall to school districts outside of Milwaukee.

Separately, on two occasions the Senate voted to cut MPCP financing by up to 65% in 2002-03 and up to 83% thereafter. The Assembly did not concur. The effort died. See FISCAL IMPACT.


The Senate twice voted to impose extensive new curricular, enrollment, and testing requirements. The Assembly did not concur. The effort died. See ACCOUNTABILITY.


The Assembly’s version of the 2001-03 budget recommended that the Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) evaluate the MPCP. The Senate did not concur. The effort died. See ACCOUNTABILITY.

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